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CowParade is one of the largest and most recognized public art events in the world.

Life-size cows made of fiberglass are artistically intervened by local and international talents, recognized and/or emerging.

CowParade has been present with more than 5,000 cows in 80+ cities around the world, including Mexico City and Guadalajara in 2005.

CowParade Lala 2022 returned to Mexico City with a new herd on Paseo de la Reforma started on July 10, 2022.


A beautiful collaboration with Chocolate Abuelita. A series of collectible mugs that are made each year in collaboration with a Mexican artist.

I had the pleasure of making the series of 6 cups and 1 plate inspired by Mexico and Frida Kahlo. Each cup has elements that Frida liked, from her connection with the states, her love for Mexico.

SofiCast_FENDI (3 de 51).jpg

I was chosen to participate in the anniversary of the Fendi "Peek a Boo" bag. 


An exhibition was held in which artists from all over the world intervened in a bag that was ordered to be exhibited in Italy.

A wonderful opportunity to show my art and put Mexico on high.


Bombay Saphire campaign dedicated to creating art collectives around the world and expressing what creativity means to the chosen artists.


That year we were a collective of 7 artists, including architects, set designers, illustrators, etc.

I was the muralist of the collective. 

I made the boxes, murals and promotional designs.


Mural for the Nike Women section located at the Santa Fe Wellness Center in Mexico City.


Intervention for a special edition event in unique denim pieces from the Levis brand.


My first Casetify collection is here! 
Each of these designs were created full of love and care. Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. This collection is for you!


I participated in the advertising campaign for the Disney Enchantment movie, along with two other artists from Mexico City. We intervened 3 house facades to paint their version of a magical house.


It was great because the mural was on a house facade, very dynamic.


Collaboration for an event of the magazine Quién, in its edition of "31 women we love". An exhibition dedicated to 31 chosen women was made.


I made 31 portraits that were a gift, a tribute to each of the selected women.

The portraits were exhibited at the Museo de la Bola in Mexico City.


Being a collaboration with Channel, I was inspired by the French fashion houses collection of that year, focused on the blue zones of the world.

Chanel & Quién Magazine


I made a mural together with the Mexican embassy in Thailand for the recovery of a neighborhood that was the Creative District in 2017.


With great love it was my first mural outside my country, Mexico.


I was part of the first edition of the now iconic "Mexicraneos" (mexican skulls) exhibition that takes place every year on Paseo de la Reforma.


I made several projects and murals for the (RED) foundation.


The mural was done in a gallery under Art Vales in Wynwood, Miami

Latest Projects_4203 TRAILER Sofia Castellanos [ILL] 321.jpg

 My mural course with Domestika is almost out!

Very soon I will be able to share with everyone how I express my soul in the corners of the cities.


Mural for the new PayPal offices in Mexico City, inspired by Mexican tradition and culture.


Series inspired by the new line of cosmetics from Herrera Beauty (also jewelry).


I made a portrait for several of the editors of fashion magazines in Mexico.


An exhibition where several artists intervene a piece of the iconic Nike Air Force 1 tennis shoes.


Festival in the magical town of Metepec that takes place every year. They invite artists from all over the world.


This year's pieces were inspired by the Tlanchan; a very famous icon of this area.


An object art project of monumental sculptures was carried out with Locos por el Arte in the streets of Mexico City.


I have collaborated in these exhibitions in honor of the FIFA World Cup, the NFL and the Acapulco Tennis Open.

The pieces were exhibited in various parts of Mexico City and at sporting events.

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